Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Update

So...not really a *girls gone wild* kind of weekend.  But still an *older chicks find downtown parking and dance like flamingos on the loose* kind of weekend.  Very refreshing.  Super fun. Stomach relaxing.  I can't give you all the details, but i wrote down some hightlights

Fabulous Quotes from the weekend

You can dress up to go out in MN, but you're always gonna end up sitting next to someone in a flannel shirt.  Why bother?

I really see myself as a nun who just happens to like sex.

This is good wine

Ya can't get all free form when you're praying with them

What is it with the pillow fight fantasy?

What kind of plant is this? that?

Can we drink this?

Let's see how many *likes*our toes got on Facebook

I'd take the one with a baby face

This is good wine

I just saved a guy's life!

I'm pretty sure the bass player just hit on me.  Ew...he's sweaty.

I don't really NEED to shop

This is good wine

Remember the good old days when she'd fall asleep in the booth and we could keep dancing?

It was all Robbie's fault that year.  And the next year.

You can't drink that

Time for Caribou

Can I quote you on that?

I think i lost a pound after they used the cheese grater on my feet

It smells gorgeous outside

What a beautiful day

Topics we spent too much time covering...

Our dogs and why they behave that way

Our kids and why they behave that way

The new men in our lives and why they behave that way...kidding!

Topics we forgot to cover...

Old boyfriends and why they didn't last



Names have been withheld to protect the innocent.  Hopefully I haven't lost two besties by posting this.  The main thing I NEED to remember from these weekends is that love comes in so many sizes and flavors.  Love for people, things, places, food, and activities.  Spend time dwelling in them, instead parked in front of a screen....hiding from it all.  Go grab yourself some!


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