Monday, June 2, 2014

Rest in Peace Teddy

Is it possible to learn to un-hate something?  I guess i have to admit i have.  His name was Teddy, the Beagle dog...and he passed away early this morning.

Fourteen years ago I developed a raging case of puppy fever.  All day long (for weeks) I obsessed about owning a puppy.  Conversations, negotiations, and ultimatums ended with the acquisiton of our very own hound dog.

Except...that isn't what I really wanted.  Deep down it was a baby i was yearning for.  Not a teething, howling, hole digging, tow chewing, smell possesed beast.  Oh.  I hated that dog.  Very soon into our relationship.  Maybe two hours.  Big oops.

Beagles are fiercly loyal.  He really tried to please me, but there are basic traits of his that made me crazy.  Mostly his smell.  And his need to smell. And the passion to follow EVERY smell.  He never did anything outside of expected Beagle behavior, but my hating passion only grew.

Finally, we found a co-exsistant relationship.  I'd feed him, let him out and keep the toys off the floor. He was in charge of letting me know of squirrel invaders, eating food crumbs and smiling.  He had a really good smile.  And for about a decade we survived in the same house.

One mysterious day, puppy fever returned.  Black puppy was spied on a pet store visit to replace a dead goldfish.  Hardly close to an even exchange.

"What about Teddy?" was the basic argument against black puppy.
"Who cares?  What about me?" was my response.

It was when black puppy, now known as Kirby, moved in that I learned to appreciate Teddy.  He taught Kirby how to be a dog.  They were buds.  Grass quit growing in the front yard from them tearing around.  It was fun to watch and a little fondness blossomed for Teddy as he loved my Kirby as much as I did. 

Shame on me for holding onto the hatred for a simple dog.  I'm embarressed for all the times i cursed him under my breath.  Appalled by all my research on *how to kill a dog without anyone being suspicious*.

Today Teddy crossed the often discussed Rainbow Bridge.  The place where pets cross over and live without pain or hunger or smells just out of reach.  I bet my Mom checked in on him.  I know he smiled at her.

Suddenly I see.


At June 2, 2014 at 7:48 AM , Blogger Bobbe Runions said...

So very very true every word. So sorry for your lost. I feel for you..
Love & Miss you

At June 3, 2014 at 9:23 AM , Blogger spamwise said...

I'm behind on my reading. So sorry for your loss.
Pets are tough like that. They are a royal pain when they're being royal pains, but when faced with the prospect or reality of losing them... it's hard.


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