Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life as Looney Tunes

I'm now living with 2 official teenagers.  No longer man to man's zone defense.  All the way.  My kids are smart.  Even as babies they had strategies to out-wit me, and I fell for most of them.  Teens are smarter still and have a better handle on how to twist my buttons.

Ya know how toddlers are constantly on a mission to hurt themselves, like cartoon characters blindly running off the cliff?  It ISN'T a bit easier with teens.  In fact, i think it's even harder to watch Wile E. Coyote's antics, cuz you know the cliff is there, ya know he's gonna run right off, and you're just waiting for that puff of smoke that appears when he lands.

Sometimes it's like the bus that zips out of no where and wipes them out.  Or that crazy anvil that just drops out of the sky.  Or my personal favorite...when they burn to a crisp and the dust stays in the character shape until it crumbles.

Now I'm remembering how Wile E. in his attempts to lure the roadrunner would leave a pile of bird seed with a sign saying "free food" while he waiting behind the sagebrush.  Cleverly thinking he'll succeed by ambush.

But like the roadrunner...I have to believe my kids won't be fooled by the coyotes of the world.  I'm hoping they have the roadrunner's resilience.  To see the traps life sets out.  To keep their eyes open for the stop sign that could smash them in the face. 

To know life is much bigger than catching the roadrunner. Beep-beep.


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