Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life and times #2

Writing your own profile can be about as fun as looking for a lost earring in a clogged bathroom sink. Right?!  Opening your soul and writing an accurate description about your basic self is much harder than you think.

When writing my own I found myself writing more about the person I wish i was, than who I REALLY am.  Who's really gonna be drawn to a woman that spends far too much time shuffling kids from one activity to another and unwinds with a giant bowl of Moose Tracks ice cream and a Survivor marathon?

Instead I chose to imagine my single self.  The one I'm going to be in the relationship every other week.  I can't frost over the truth,  but i can plop a few roses on the rough spots.  Giving enough freedom, I do enjoy night life and dining out. Nature hikes and bonfires.  Traveling to exotic places.

The site picks a variety of things for you to choose to like. Or not.  I have to admit, in my fishing excursions, the "coffee and conversation" box was a deal breaker. I had more than a few *coffee* first dates when I heard "I really don't like coffee" at the order counter. It took all of my internal strength to not bolt out the door.  Some things really matter.

Then comes the physical description and it gets harder to stretch the truth.  I'm pretty much stuck being the 5'5" brown eyed, curvy brunette social drinker who works in retail with an "I'll tell ya later" income.  Truth.  My picture is posted, so there's no sense in pretending to be a 5'7" blue eyed, blond, moderate drinking technology wizard making over 100K.

Then comes the free form section.  All about you. Or all-about-you-want-to-share-with-strangers.  This is where i don't come clean about my donut obsession.  Instead i cook healthy meals. I go for long walks instead of spending hours lounging with magazines.  And I like to drink beer...that one usually usually scores a few points.

Ya wanna stand out, but not in the blaze orange hiding behind a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree kind of way.  Ya wanna catch the eye of Mr. Normal Enough, while repelling Mr. Booty Call. It's delicate.

Somehow i caught enough dudes to go on 15 first dates last year.  Some were keepers.  Most were release-ers.  And more than a handful I still consider friends.  That's always been my real goal!


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