Friday, June 6, 2014

School's out for SUMMER!

Does anyone else wonder why Ozzie is the only one to write a decent anthem about the last day of school?  I swear that song was *old* when I was a kid.  Perhaps it seems too overwhelming to try.

Kinda like how i feel about upholding my standard of a *cool* summer for my kids.  With age, gender, and personality variances each one has vastly different expectations.  What's a SuperMom to do?

There's the should do list, including...chores, library visits, quiet reading, arts and crafts, nature hikes...etc.

Then there's the probably more likely to happen list, including...sleeping in,  too much screen time, messy rooms, sunburns...etc.

How do you find a balance?  I've never been the kind of gal who thrives with a schedule.  And I always think we can cram 12 activities into 5 time slots.  I'm a dreamer.

Integrate that nonsense with the list of mission trips, sports camps, and music lessons and I'm pretty flummoxed. Life becomes a juggle...and all I want to do is load everyone up in the van and head to the beach.

Of course it'll work out...and before we know supplies will take over the aisles of Target.  And the missed opportunities for fun will nag me.  It's overwhelming.

So today is a mix of emotions.  Relief. Horror. Excitement. Exhaustion. Expectation. Disappointment. 

I will promise myself and the kids this...we'll get our money's worth out of our Valleyfair passes and I won't feel a smitch of guilt while we scream our crazy heads off on Wild Thing. Or float around the lazy river. Or oooh and ahhhh through the fireworks as we swat the mosquitoes chewing on our legs.  It's good stuff.  And I drive home feeling much less overwhelmed.


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