Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pain is such a...pain!

So...that whole "take a leap" theme for this year has morphed somewhat into "just git 'er done".  There is such a long list of things i have procrastinated on for the past few years.  I've just signed my second 2 year lease and the words *I just wish my craft area was organized* still sneak out of my mouth.'s time to get busy.  Start crossing crap off of the list.

At the top was...figure out why my shoulder pretty much constantly aches.  Arthritis? Rotor tear? Out of alignment?  Wasn't sure, but i was banking on ignorance is bliss just might go away.  It just got worse.  To the point where my left arm was pushing my right arm to set a12 oz iced latte down on the serving window. Not high above my head. Just a smitch above the counter.  Felt kinda weird using 2 hands to dole out drinks.  And I kept dropping stuff.  And forget about restful sleep.

Diagnosis: Frozen shoulder.  ugh.  Physical i come.  And that hurts like giving birth outta my armpit.  Seriously.  Now i have round the clock Advil, stretching exercises and PT to look forward too.  Yipee.

Pain is such a...pain.  It makes me sweat. I've got the pinched face/sucking on a lemon look going on. I'm cranky, tired and very anti social.  Not my typical micro climate.  Good will be back to NORMAL in about a month.  Bad will be back to normal in about a MONTH.

It gives me such a perspective on people who live with chronic*on going-kick ya down* pain.  With no promise of a return to normal...even in a month. 

Back to that "just git 'ur done" list.  This is exactly why i haven't tackled more things on that list.  Unpacking the last few boxes from Mom's house sale last summer will lead to gobs of emotional pain.  Purging and garage saleing will lead to hesistant regret pain.  Organizing the entertainment room downstairs will bring on "I wish I was smarter than this" pain.  Starting my new novel will trigger the writer's block pain.

So, I've been avoiding these tasks.  There will be some sort of pain involved.  No doubt.  Every. Single. Time.  Which drags me back to Daisy Doo leaping into the lake to attack that Sheep Dog.  I've gotta take a leap right into the pain.  And be comforted that most of the pain won't last.  I'll be back to normal in about a month.

And then, onto the next item on the list.  Happy high dew point day!


At July 26, 2014 at 8:28 AM , Blogger Naomi Stone said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder, but am glad you'll be able to get it back to normal.


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