Wednesday, July 16, 2014

roller coasters

So many emotions. Happy. Sad. Scared. Excited. Lonely. Fulfilled.  And then I go eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Tonight I met the youth group (including my 2 oldest) at Valleyfair.  So therapeutic.  I had some serious screaming to do.  Emotions to squeeze out.  Sadness to flush away.  And what better way to do it than when you are certain to be plunging to your death...accompanied by your precious kids?

Seriously.  Have you ever tried to just let out a random scream?  Sounds kinda like a peacock with something wrapped around it's neck.  Terrible noise.

The past two summers, the kids and I have had season passes to the park.  We have laughed.  We have clutched each other for dear life.  Remembered how to feel really happy for a speck of time. We have shared a lot of memories and relive a bunch with each visit.  Definetly a good thing.

Usually, about ten minutes after close, we are dragging our butts to my van parked in my secret parking space (under wild the very end of the parking lot...front spots are always open) and collapsing.  Tired.  Spent.  Emotionally free.

Not sure how else to tap into it...but i am here to report that i will sleep well tonight.  And although there's a good chance i'll be riding the emotional roller coaster again in the morning,  I'll be starting from a different place.


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