Monday, July 28, 2014

Why can't I get anything done?

Sitting with my bowl of cereal this morning, I spied a jar of protein whey i bought for #1 to drink while doing football practice.  Reading the back *builds and repairs body tissue*.  My tissue needs repair!  Maybe this will help my shoulder heal?!  Can't hurt.

"Mix in Blender or Shake with ice".  I have a nice Oskar blender that i adopted from Mom.  Great chance to justify the real estate it takes up on my counter.

But first i need to move the crock pot that sits in front of it.  I've been wanting to find a better permanent home for this guy for awhile.  So i drag a chair over to the fridge.  Maybe it could just hand out there?  Toss the Christmas tins in the garage sale box.  Find my birthday cake.  Hey!  I forgot i had any of that left.  Ponder having a piece, but it really doesn't look that good.  Anyway my shake will be chocolate flavor.  Toss out cake.  Pat self on the back.

Heck.  There's cupboard space back there?!  Open to find the box that holds #4's dino magnets.  Hop down to put in his room.  Glance at the mess.  Open the window for fresh air...and hopefully let in a magic cleaning fairy.  Close door and run.

Back above fridge, get crock pot tucked safely next to cookie cutters and ice bucket.  Hopefully I'll remember to throw a Christmas cookie/pulled pork/cocktail party in December so i have a reason to visit these 3 things again.  Put away kid paint brushes.  Everyone keeps those above the fridge when you don't want your kids to ask if they can paint. Right?

Back to Blender.  Find shampoo/conditioner that has been awaiting return due to itchy scalp after using.  Reach under sink for a bag.  Spot dishwasher tabs.  Did i run the dishwasher like i meant to?  Yep.  Unload dishes.

Let dogs out.  Let dogs in.

Back to Blender sitting next to an empty fishbowl.  Flashback to Scout's Goldfish Regatta and our deceased fish friends.  Remember that i promised to think about a pet hedgehog.  Google *hedgehogs as pets*. Realize they don't have much memory and don't bond as well as other pets.  And let's not even imagine how the dogs would feel.

Let dogs out.

Look at Facebook (i deserve a break?)  Laugh at a few crazy cat videos.  Move over to okCupid.  Get a little depressed realizing I'm only catching green card seekers.  How do I know?  Their messages say, "How is you doing lady".  My reply.  "I is good".  It's amazing how many men continue to respond to that and figure they really have a live one.  All of their dreams are about to come true.  Good luck guys.

Let dogs in.

Back to Blender.  Put away electric knife, apple corer/slicer/and suction cup hangers.  What?  They don't hang together at your house?  Pity for them.  Also see Thanksgiving magnet with #4's picture that never made it to the refrigerator door.  Find Elmer's glue on another counter with vitamins, calcuim chewies, flashlights, unopened McD's toy and sharks teeth my dad brought over from our 1988 trip to Florida.  Again?  You say you don't group these things together at your house.  How would i be expected to find anything if i visited your house?

Admire the dust free oval the glue leaves on the counter.  Decide not to clean counter today...but soon.  Turn on iPod.  Dance to ABBA's Voulez-Vous.  Heading to hit replay see the nearby plant needs water.  So do all of my other plants.

Potty break which always includes a chat with the dogs.  Really?  You go to the bathroom by yourself?  Weird.  While in bathroom take meds.  Grab phone to call in prescription for BP meds and make a note to pick up fish oil at Costco.

Let dogs out.

Back to Blender.  Whew.  Dusty.  Pull from corner and find a stray chocolate chip.  Ponder eating it, but think back to the cake and the chocolate shake I may just get to.  Look around.  Can't find where I put the Chocolate Protein Powder after moving it from the table. Oh...not far from the blender.  By the toaster oven, next to the gingerbread ziplock bags from Christmas.

Open blender and wonder *why the heck am I making a blended drink on my day off?*  One scoop of powder, handful of ice cubes and 8oz of cold press coffee, cuz it seems like i could use more caffeine, eh?

Let dogs in.

Blend. Pour. Scowl.  Not exactly a Caribou milk chocolate cooler...but it'll do.  Sit down to enjoy my drink and write this blog and wonder if I'll ever make another one?


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