Thursday, September 4, 2014

Giving my kids back to the Village (People)

I can't help but get a little sentimental every new start of a school year.  It is such a marker of the growth of our kids.  Physical, emotional, and brain power.  So many subtle changes happen each day that it takes the passage of a whole year to notice.

These first few days usually leave me a little emotionally bruised.  Was I paying enough attention as they evolved into their own beings?  Did my input even matter?  Can I trust all of the other influences coming at them all day long?

The toughest part of parenting is letting go.  (I'll pause for a bit so you can sing a little "Frozen") Letting your kids go explore the world on their own.  Allowing other adults to teach them what they feel is important to learn.  Encouraging them to seek their own interests...which are usually the direct opposite of our own.  It's exhausting.

I vividly remember #1-4's first day of school.  Patting their head.  Squeezing them tight. And knowing I'd be opening the floodgates of outside influences.  I'd kiss their noses and pray for blessed interactions.

And for the most part...all has been good.

Not perfect.  Not everyday.  But life is about learning to cope with *less than perfect conditions*.  The fancy term i've heard is "resilience".  How do kids bend and flex and twist themselves into shape to succeed in each situation? Can they bounce back from disappointment and try again?  Will they adapt?

I feel like I've given my kids more than a few chances to test drive their resiliency.  I've watched the struggle and then the triumph of success.  I've witnessed the struggle and then defeat.  I've proudly seen them dust themselves off and try again.  Even when deep down, I want to's ok to give up.  But I don't.  And they keep going.

Tough stuff.

And I know I have an entire village to thank for helping to raise my kids.  No joke.  Teachers. Coaches. Paras. Volunteers.  Maybe even a doctor, police officer, construction worker and dancing Native American. At school and church and any activity I drop them off at...and run for coffee.  Deepest gratitude and love.

Thanks for being part of my village...


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